I am an artist and designer with an eclectic background as an art curator and educator.  I was born in Vicenza, a beautiful city near Venice, Italy, and have lived and worked in California, Virginia, New Mexico, Florida and Hawaii.  I now reside in New York City.

Since an early age, I have been fascinated by the connection between spirituality and art, psychology and the collective unconscious, prayer and the creative process.  My artwork is an attempt to express and analyze the many moments of synchronicity enfolding while meditating, creating, pursuing my dreams and helping others achieving their highest potentials. 

When I was a child, my dream was to have magic powers. Growing up I learned that magic can be found in small acts of kindness, and that good fairytales never age. My art often incorporates fairytale themes, as well as spiritual and mythological ones. Lately I have been focusing on working with mixed-media on paper (from watercolors, to soft pastels, gouache, textured grounds, threads, and more), and experimenting with digital art. I am enjoying the freedom to create colorful, whimsical artwork that I hope will bring joy to children and adults alike.

Portrait of Artist

* * * Artist Statement * * *

“Painting is the grandchild of nature.
It is related to God.”

I often do not know where my inspiration comes from, but it always leads me to insights that cannot be explained by words alone. I use art as a vehicle to access that state where the borders between heart, mind and spirit often seem to disappear. My artistic practice is guided by a strong interest in the healing and contemplative qualities of art, from the cathartic effect of viewing art to the meditative process of artmaking itself.

I am particularly drawn to color and texture, and to depicting natural subjects abstractedly transformed. My goal is to capture the universal essence of our inner landscape and stories. Through my art, I hope to inspire viewers by offering glimpses of stillness and power, beauty and joy, the divine and the human.