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1 09, 2023

Something Blue group exhibition – Emerge Gallery | Artsy


Something Blue

Emerge Gallery

September 3rd – October 15th

Two of my paintings are on view and for sale on Artsy, in Something Blue group exhibition, organized and curated by Emerge Gallery & Arts Space in Saugerties, New York.

Emerge Gallery & Art Space exhibits and sells original art, online and on location. Founded in 2016, the gallery was 1st Place Winner (2022) “Chronogrammie — Art Gallery” Chronogram, and winner (2019) “Best of the Hudson Valley — Art Gallery” Hudson Valley Magazine. 

See you on Artsy! <3

Please note: Due to previous commitments I will not be in the live talk on Sunday, September 3rd. Please contact me directly or Emerge Gallery if you have any questions about the artwork for sale. 

Emerge gallery flier ad.
Quasi-abstract art of woman in blue and silver.
Semiabstract art with wind and water elements.

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12 06, 2023

Uptown Magic Solo Exhibition at Dyckman Farmhouse Museum


Cinzia Meneghello: Uptown Magic

May 2nd – September 2nd, 2023

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Watercolor drawing of the Unicorn in the Cloisters.

Cinzia Meneghello: Uptown Magic transforms Inwood into a fairy tale. It depicts a luminous, fantasy realm full of whimsical creatures, enchanted forests, and symbolic thresholds. Many of the works in the exhibition were inspired by the natural and cultural richness of Northern Manhattan – from its majestic parks and beautiful wildlife to the Met Cloisters’ and Dyckman Farmhouse Museum’s unique collections. Viewers are invited to see themselves as heroines and magicians, fairies and angels, or simply as curious beings enthralled by the potential and magic within themselves, their community, and the places they inhabit.

Read more at Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

4881 Broadway
New York, NY 10034-3101

A train to 207th (1 block away), or 1 train to 207th


Artwork in the exhibition is for sale. A checklist and more detailed information can be found in the shop section of this website. A small selection of fine art prints and printed and handmade foldable greeting cards are also available in the museum shop.

Photo Gallery

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Thank you, Dyckman Farmhouse Museum!

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11 06, 2023

It’s Up to You – An Illustrated Short Story


It’s Up to You – Solo da te

An Illustrated Short Story

Some of my paintings have been used as backdrop for the short story “Solo da Te” / “It’s Up to You” by Italian writer Gianni Bortolaso

 – Watch the video (in Italian, with English subtitles) below –
Narrated by Gianni Bortolaso and Elena Negro

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Gianni Bortolaso is the author of Un accordo stonato published by Argentodorato Editore. The book was eventually selected for Sanremo Writer 2023 during the popular Italian music festival. “Solo da te” (“It’s Up to You”) is a short story written in 1000 words and created for the inauguration of SBS Edizioni, under the theme Centrum Tuum, or Your Center.

In the writer’s own words, “I weighed, cut out, and re-edited the concept to the essence, sacrificing the superfluous that initially wasn’t there. Therefore, we arrive at the fulcrum, at the center of the story, which is enriched by keeping only what is strictly necessary, without narrative smudges. Not just an exercise in style, but a small sacrifice against a phenomenon – violence against women – that shouldn’t even exist. 1000 words, not one more, Not One Less. In Italian and in English.”

It’s Up to You – An Illustrated Short Story2023-09-14T09:58:57-04:00
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